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Drive Spa Francorchamps

Drive Spa Francorchamps With TrackTime - The Best F1 Circuit In The World
Drive Circuit Spa Francorchamps With TrackTime - The Best F1 Circuit In The World

The last of the greats, a legend in its own right.

Faster than Silverstone and more challenging than Suzuka, the favourite track of all F1 drivers.

The true essence of speed can be experienced here in a spectacular setting with modern facilities and safety measures.

The tracks hightlights are the world famous Eau-Rouge-Raidillon combination and the blindingly fast blanchimont left-hander  that remain a thrill lap after lap.

Drive Spa Francorchamps

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Circuit Spa Francorchamps a glance


Currently a seven kilometers long permanent road course. Blazingly fast, sweeping turns carved through the hills of the Belgian Ardennes. Infamous for its changing weather conditions.

Nowadays it’s a safe and beloved modern F1 track, back in the day it was notorious and lethal.

Completed in 1921, the old track was the fastest road circuit in Europe. The greater part of the circuit being flat out with average speeds above 170 kph during the 1920’s and 1930’s Grand Prix.

Due to multiple fatalities no major races were held here after 1975 until 1982.

Thanks to the new layout in 1979 major racing series came back to the track and by 1983 the F1 Grand Prix returned.


How To Drive Spa Francorchamps


If you want to drive at Circuit Spa Francorchamps without actually going racing, you have two options. First you have the Public Driving Experience days offered by the track itself and secondly there is private trackdays organised on a lot of days throughout the year.

Spa Francorchamps Public Driving Experience


These days are organised by the circuit itself.
The days are typically run in  sessions of 25 minutes each.
You can buy packages of up to 4 runs on a day. So track time is rather limited as are the availables dates.
Generally there are about 7 days in a year.

The possible dates in 2016 are:

  • Monday 28 March
  • Sunday 17 April
  • Sunday 8 May
  • Thursday 21 July
  • Tuesday 2 August
  • Sunday 23 October
  • Friday 11 November

Spa Francorchamps Track Days


General trackdays are ideal if you are looking for some more available tracktime and better value for money. There are plenty of dates available year round, typically about 50 every season. We have a full spa francorchamps track day calendar on which you can see all the possible driving dates.

A selection of top value for money 2016 trackdays is here:

  • Friday 29 April
  • Monday 16 May
  • Monday 1 August
  • Wednesday 28 September
  • Thursday 20 October
  • Sunday 13 November
  • Monday 14 November

Spa Francorchamps Track Car Rental

For those who can’t or won’t bring their own car to a track day there is the option of renting a car specifically for trackdays.
TrackTime offers Spa Francorchamps Track Car Rental.
Fully prepared and ready to be driven around Spa lap after lap.
You can choose between BMW 325i, BMW M3 E36, BMW M3 E46 and Porsche GT3 Cup cars.

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