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Nurburgring Track Days – Drive The Ring

Nurburgring Track Days - The Best Driving Conditions - TrackTimeNurburg

Nurburgring Track Days – The Best Driving Conditions

Nurburgring Track Days


DateTime ScheduleNotes
March 311330-1630Street and race cars allowed
April 110800-1630Street and race cars allowed
May 20800-1630Street and race cars allowed
May 110800-1630Street cars only
June 140800-1630Street cars only
June 190800-1630Street cars only
July 130800-1630Street and race cars allowed
July 140800-1630Street and race carsallowed
July 171200-1630Street and race cars allowed
August 281200-1630Street and race cars allowed
August 291200-1630Street and race cars allowed
August 300800-1630Street cars only
August 310800-1630Street and race cars allowed
September 40800-1630Street cars only
October 110800-1630Street and race cars allowed
October 160800-1630Street and race cars allowed

We have a full calendar including track days at all the race tracks in the neighbourhood.
We can provide track car rental at all these tracks as well as driver training.
The complete track day calendar for the Nurburgring and Spa Francorchamps etc, can be found by clicking here below

“The Best Way To Drive The Most Difficult Track”

TrackTime only rents cars for Nurburgring track days.
We choose not to do so for the infamous public ‘Touristenfahrten’ days.
We do this for some good reasons:
The Nurburgring Nordschleife is the longest and most difficult race track on the planet.

It is TrackTime’s aim to provide to it’s customers the best and safest circumstances to tackle this demanding track.

If you are to drive the most difficult track in the world, it’s a good idea to create the best possible circumstances to do so.
Trackdays eliminate a lot of the dangers of driving the Nurburgring.

They are simply the best way to drive the ‘Ring.

Nurburgring Track Days Advantages


Nurburgring Track Days - Low on Traffic

Nurburgring Track Days – Low on Traffic

  • Do as many laps as you want
  • All drivers had strict safety briefing
  • Much safer, greatly reduced chance for accidents
  • Greatly increased track time per day
  • Ideal circumstances for learning the track
  • Private use of the track
  • Limited traffic ( around 120 cars, with about 60 on track at once)
  • Cars only: no bikes, no buses
  • Full laps possible, no stopping on the main straight

Public session disadvantages


Nurburgring Public Session Disadvantages - TrackTimeNurburg

Nurburgring Public Session Disadvantages

  • A lot of accidents happen
  • Motorbikes and buses allowed
  • Crazy traffic (up to 10.000 drivers on busy days)
  • Lots of closures to clean up due to accidents ( can last hours to re-open)
  • No complete lapping of the track, stop on main straight
  • No full use of the long 2.8km straight
  • High car recovery costs
  • Lots of boy racers driving to prove a po


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